Hi there, I’m Alan.

I am a data scientist at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG X) mostly working in the consumer/retail space. Previously, I completed my undergrad and Masters degrees at UC Berkeley studying computer science and economics, with some data science in between. I was born in Oregon but grew up in Shanghai; now I live in NYC.

Before BCG, I've done internships as a data scientist, program manager, and software engineer at both large firms and small startups. I like to joke that I've gone through a lot of buzzwords during my internships: IoT, blockchain, big data, and AI. As a data scientist, I've worked on client projects in financial planning, pricing, personalization, and optimization.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling (a lot), trying out new restaurants, and Japanese music. When I feel particularly creative, I try to take some photos and do some writing, which I like to think I'm not terrible at. Check out my (bi)monthly newsletter if you're wondering what I've been up to recently.

Here are some things I've created: